enter time & expenses

enter time & expenses

Submit Time & Expenses

Randstad Federal Web-based Time and Expense Entry System

In order to receive payment, your time and expenses are to be entered through our web-based time and expense system. Please enter and submit your time/expenses per the instructions attached below by noon each Monday.

You must have a user ID and password to begin entering time or expenses. This will be provided to you during onboarding process.

Instructions for Time and Expense entries

Click here for time entry instructions

Click here for expense entry instructions.

Invoice Entry for Direct Bill Vendors (YOUR COMPANY)

If you are a Direct Bill Vendor (meaning you are your own company vs. working through another company), enter your time and expenses in the Randstad Federal web base system referenced above. Provide Randstad Federal with separate invoices detailing the time and expenses. Upload all expense receipts into the Randstad Federal  Web-based time and entry system. The due date is established off of the date submitted and your payment terms per your contract.

INVOICING FOR 3rd Party Vendors

Third Party Vendors who provide resources to Randstad Federal Projects should submit invoices via email to ap@randstadfederal.com.


Print it out, sign it and have your client manager sign it.

Email the signed Time Sheet and or Expense Report (with all receipts attached) to ap@randstadfederal.com by noon on Monday.

Changing Your Password

If you forget your password, contact Jeremiah Brooks at 678.292.5017 ext 514.