About Workforce360

Want a world-class view of today's workforce?

What if you had insight into what employees are thinking about the economy, job market and their employers?

What if the latest factors impacting employee engagement within today's companies were just a click away?

What if you had access to the latest thought leadership research focused on women's attitudes and perceptions about today's economy and job market?

And, what if you could get a comprehensive look at the rise of the contingent workforce and how companies are increasingly turning to integrated staffing models to meet their business needs?

Well, we've got you covered. Get a panoramic view of today's employment landscape at Workforce360, Randstad's thought leadership platform to communicate our panoramic view, knowledge and understanding of the US workforce.

As a leading HR authority, it uncovers our own proprietary research on workforce and employment trends, career and workplace advice, as well as interactive graphs and videos to better inform you of the latest trends affecting your most valuable asset-talent.